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Food Adventures of the R-MWC Community
This is a community designed for the alums, students, friends, and family, of R-MWC to come together and exchange ideas of food. This community is open for recipe postings (whether they be new or original), money saving ideas for the kitchen, food critiques, restaurant recommendations, and general banter related to all things food.

After talking with several DC area alums I realized that many of us seem to get into a cooking rut after graduation. Everyone has a few ideas, and does some experimenting, but it seems everyone gets into the culinary doldrums after a while. Eating out is getting more expensive with the cost of living going up, and who wants to survive on Mac n Cheese with Ramen? Some of our peers have gone off and created individual cooking blogs.... but if you don't know about them they're going to be pretty hard to find. So wouldn't it be great if we could all come together in one spot to post about what we like to eat, what we cook, and how we save money? And I know there are tons of cooking communities out there on the net..... but how many of those are filled with your favorite people, and fellow Maconites?

So come on and join us, and let us know what goes on in your kitchen! Well.... so long as it's rated G. ;-)